Vendor Spotlight: GLOW for a Cause

Well, hello! This happy Monday, I am excited to introduce you to one more new vendor rounding out my local line-up at i {heart} skin! Drumroll... GLOW for a Cause! GLOW for a Cause is a line of body and face care products created by Denver-based, Johanna Querry Smith. Her products smell so positively scrumptious, I had the most difficult time choosing just a few scents to showcase in my shoppe. GLOW for a Cause products are made from clean ingredients and are cruelty free, which you know I adore! The butters use natural base ingredients like shea, coconut and jojoba, while also incorporating dreamy natural fragrances. All of the scents have fun and evocative names like Wish, Embrace and Insp

Vendor Spotlight: SALUS Natural Body Care

I'm back! And oh my goodness am I excited to introduce you to another new vendor at i {heart} skin! Today I'm telling you all about SALUS Natural Body Care. Manufactured in Fort Collins, CO, this locally-owned and operated brand focuses on a whole range of body products from organic soap to custom-scented body spray at three storefront locations in Norther Colorado. After stumbling across their Fort Collins location earlier this summer, I was totally inspired to bring some of my favorite products into my shop. In particular, their amazing bath bombs. My only warning is that these things are totally addictive! I bought a few recently, while selecting my scents to retail this season. And in on

Vendor Spotlight: Av Jorden

So excited today to introduce you to my first new vendor at i {heart} skin: Av Jorden! I was introduced to this awesome brand, where I find most good things these days - on Instagram! But I was even more excited to learn that Av Jorden is made right here in Denver by local business woman, Wendy Vitzthum. Av Jorden is a Norwegian word meaning "of the earth." Using only clean, natural ingredients, she has created an amazing product line which I am proud to feature at i {heart} skin. My personal favorites are the Island Paradise Luxe Body Scrub and Lush Lavender Body Cream, but honestly, I kind of love them all! You can also check out the full product line on her website. I recently sent Wendy

The Holidays at i {heart} skin!

Hello and Happy Almost December! It's been a whirlwind couple of months, but I'm determined to get back to regular skin care blogging and I have lots of news to share! I'm excited to kick off the holiday season at my practice and hope you'll join me for some of the fun! Have you booked your holiday facial yet? We all know the holidays can get pretty hectic. In order to make sure you get your holiday glow in time for all the festivities, I recommend booking early. And whether you want some pampering to combat holiday stress, or just a quick treatment to freshen up your face, I've got your back. Specials! From now until the end of the year, I'm offering Holiday Mini-Facials for just $35. This

Five Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter

You might not be able to tell yet, in my home state of Colorado, but winter is coming. When you think of winter, do you think dry or chapped skin? Cracked lips? Cheeks that sting or feel so dry that your whole face feels tight? I know. Me too. But it doesn't have to be this way. With the white stuff headed our way, I'm here today to share some of my favorite tips for keeping your skin protected as the seasons change and the barometer drops. We might have a few more weeks to prepare, so get ahead of the game and read on! #1 Amp up your moisturizer In winter, as we all know, the air gets drier. You spend more time indoors in heating, but also time outside in extreme conditions. This can take a

The Skin Games: Week Eight

Whew! How did we get from week one to week eight already?! Well, like it or not, it's here! Which also means my Skin Games Challenge has come to an end. Oh my! Eight weeks ago, my model Vanessa and I embarked on our journey to transform her skin. Here are our final results: Looking at our final pictures, I still see room for change in Vanessa's skin, but for all the things that still aren't perfect, I see a vast improvement in the overall bigger picture. We started knowing we had our work cut out for us, but we still managed to make some great progress. The biggest different I notice in Vanessa's skin is how much more clear and even it looks. Through our series of enzyme treatments and peels

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