Toner: A Love Story

Hello to my favorite faces! If you've been joining me this month, you'll know that we spent most of March talking about aging, in conjunction with my upcoming birthday. You can read those posts here, here and here. But this week, in honor of the big day, I do what I want! And I've decided to celebrate by devoting a blog to one of my all time favorite skin care topics: TONER. Toner is a one of those things clients ask about all of the time. It seems that many people are neglecting this very important step in their routine, and that makes me sad. But I get it. The number one question I seem to get as an esthetician is "What does toner do?" and/or "Do I need it?" Gather around, kids. First thin

The Thai Sculpting Facial

There's a new service debuting at i {heart} skin in just one week and I can't wait to share it with you! Today I'm here to explain this amazing new treatment, I call the Thai Sculpting Facial. This facial is geared at anti-aging, lifting and sculpting your natural bone structure to provide a temporary facelift effect. How does it work? Read on! Believe it or not, the sculpting Thai facial massage uses only the device pictured above. This small herbal compress is called a poultice. The poultice is filled with organic herbs - including Thai ginger, Java apple leaf, patchouli, lavender, geranium, bergamot and lemongrass. To perform the facial, the compress is heated in a steam cooker. Not only

Skin Care for the Bride-to-Be

This post originally appeared on the Denver Style Magazine Blog here on March 1st, 2017 The season for romance is upon us. Although Valentine’s Day has passed, now is that time of year when it seems like everyone you know is newly engaged or got engaged over the holidays. If you’re the bride to be, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate as you start to prepare for all of the festivities. Many of my clients who are wedding planning often want to know what they should be doing for their skin and when they should do it. Here is my simple guide to getting skin confident before your big day. 4-6 months before: Start getting facials. Beauty experts recommend getting regular facials at least 6 mon

What's The Deal With Retinoids?

Hello again! Welcome to our second post on aging, as part of our month-long focus on this hot skin care topic. Today I'm here to talk a little more about retinoids. Retinoid acid, as you may already know, is essentially a form of Vitamin A. It can also be referred to as Retin-A, Retinol, Retinaldehyde, or Retinyl Palmitate along with a host of other names. I'll get into the differences in a moment, but for all intents and purpose today, I'm going to use the all-encompassing term retinoid when talking about these products. As ingredients for aging go, retinoids are kind of the mother of them all. Most anti-aging gurus will tell you that retinoids are a must-have for keeping the skin youthful

All About Aging

Style Icon, Iris Apfel image courtesy of Pinterest Hello to my favorite faces! If you followed along with my newsletter this month, you might recall that we are using the month of March (and my impending birthday that goes with) to talk about aging. I know. No one's favorite topic, but something we are all dealing with and that most of us want to know how to thwart. The bad news is that aging is inevitable. The good news, is that there are factors we can control, when it comes to our skin and its aging process. Let's start by talking about the very basics of how and why we age. Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Aging There are two ways in which we age. The first is intrinsic. Intrinsic aging is the ki

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