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So we're coming to the end of our discussion this April, on more eco-conscious beauty and cosmetics. I've enjoyed researching and sharing about a topic that has always been near to my heart. After covering toxic ingredients, animal cruelty and the dangers of making your own DIY skin care from natural ingredients, I wanted to end on a more uplifting note. There is good news to be had here! As I've stated before, there are natural alternatives that I do approve of, should you chose to go that route. If you read up on my recent toner post, you'll recall that I think witch hazel and rose water make fine natural toners. Some other natural tricks I've happened across? Coconut oil to remove makeup:

Please Don't Do This to Your Face: Stuff You Found on Pinterest Edition

Are you excited for another edition of Please Don't Do This to Your Face? Just tuning in? This is a recurring blog segment in which I address common mistakes people are making with their skin care and what do do instead. As always, this advice comes from a  place of love and non-judgement. The world of skin care is vast and not all of it is safe or right for you. What's worse is that there's a lot of incorrect information out there too. It's important to be educated when shopping for skin care and making decisions about treating your skin. So! After all this talk in our last couple of blogs, about all the bad stuff lurking behind store bought skin care, you're probably about ready to go off-

Skin Care & Your Eyes

This post originally appeared on the Denver Style Magazine Blog here on March 31, 2017 When I talk to people about aging, or really about skin in general, a frequent concern that comes up is the eyes, or rather the areas around the eyes. Many of my clients are concerned about dry skin, puffiness, weird little bumps, dark circles and wrinkles. The eyes are the focal point of your face and tend to capture a lot of attention. They also age easily and show age easily. That's what makes taking care of this area very important. There are a lot of things you can do to minimize these concerns with proper attention to your skin care. Yes, you probably need an eye cream First things first. Although I

Cruelty Free Beauty

Image from The Leaping Bunny Program Hello! Welcome back to another blog about skin care and how it relates to the environment. Throughout April in honor of Earth Month, I'm blogging about various topics related to this subject matter. Today I'm here to talk a bit more about about the cruelty free beauty movement and why I only use products that are not tested on animals. This is something that is important to me, and I'm sure many of my clients. What does Cruelty Free mean? Cruelty free is a blanket term used to label products that do not harm animals and are not tested on animals. It's become extremely trendy to market a product as cruelty free or not tested on animals. However, because th

Toxic Skin Care Ingredients: What to Know and What to Avoid

Welcome to April on the i {heart} skin blog! After discussing aging all last month, I've chosen this month to blog about skin care and cosmetic ingredients as they pertain to the environment. We'll talk all about the good, bad and ugly of what goes into your products and what you can do to make sure you chose clean products and ingredients that are safe for your skin. Let's dive in shall we? Today's topic focuses on skin care ingredients. There's a lot of talk these days about "clean" or "green" beauty and with good reason. More and more, consumers are becoming savvy about the ingredients that are in their cosmetics. As the demand for more natural beauty products increases, more and more bra

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