An Interview With Peak 10 Skin

Hello to my favorite faces! I've got some exciting content for you today! There's a new product line at i {heart} skin that I've been wanting to share with you. As you may know, I'm a firm believer that living in Colorado poses some unique challenges for the skin. And while I always take those challenges into account when choosing products and designing treatments, I still felt like there was something missing - a skin care line that understands those challenges completely. Enter Peak 10 Skin! Born in Breckenridge, CO, Peak 10 is a line that knows what's up when it comes to Colorado skin care. In the treatment room, I've been getting great results with their hydrating serums and clients are

Budgeting For Your Skin Care

Hello all! My apologies for a rather long absence. I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful holiday season. Now that the dust has settled a bit on 2018, I hope to resume regular blogging. I'll also be catching you up on some of the best content from my Heart Your Skin Challenge, which brings us to today's topic! Today I want to talk about budgeting for your skin care. I know that this is an obstacle for many and there is a misconception that good skin care is expensive. The truth is it doesn't have to be. It's true that skin care is an investment but there are ways to make it affordable. In general, I think you will find that being educated and investing in a few good products will pay off. Once

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