Facial Gadgets for Your Holiday Wishlist

Hello, hello! Welcome to today's supercharged blog! Safe to say I'm a little amped, today. (See what I did there?!) That's because we are talking about a skin care subject I love very much... gadgets! For some time, I have been on the hunt for easy and effective devices that my clients can use at home to better support what we do in the treatment room, as well prolong their results between facials. This has been a somewhat drawn out affair, as I am very picky about what I recommend. I test every product and gadget on myself first, and tools take some time to show results. So! Long story short, after a long and arduous testing process, I finally feel ready to reveal my picks for you! Today,

Chemical Peels: Myths & Truths Revealed!

Hi and welcome! This blog has been a long time coming and for that I apologize. We are at last going to talk about chemical peels! Many of my clients have expressed that peels are something that makes them nervous. As a holistic esthetician, I primarily work with botanical peels for regular maintenance for my clients. However, I do see the value in gentle, progressive peels from time to time when my clients are ready for that level of skin care. So how do you know if a peel is for you? There are a lot of rumors going around about chemical peeling and not all of them are positive. Today I'm here to clear up some of those rumors. Being that autumn is affectionately known in skin care circles a

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