The Spring Seasonal Beauty Ritual

Hi and Happy Spring! Here we are arriving at another season and one of my favorites! Spring is here! Or at least, hopefully on the way for most of us. Which means it's time for a new beauty ritual to mark the changing of seasons! For me, spring is all about newness. I love the smells of new growth and flowers blossoming as the earth starts to thaw and the days start to get just a wee bit longer. It always feels like a magical time of year, so in creating this ritual, I really wanted to capture a little bit of that. Photo by @gagewoodphoto courtesy of Sorella Apothecary The Spring ritual is best performed early evening or maybe as part of your weekend self care. I designed this protocol to in

Rebuild Your Routine: All Things Exfoliation

Welcome back for the second in our Rebuild Your Routine series! This year I'm breaking down each step of the skin care routine, one building block at a time. Last month we started with Step One: The Cleanse. Now we're ready for step two. Time to exfoliate! THE EXFOLIATION Exfoliation 101: Most people know what I mean when I say a product is exfoliating but not everyone knows why it's important. If they did, chances are, more people would be on board. Exfoliation is really your best defense against so many skin issues. Exfoliating removes not just dirt and debris, but also dead surface skin. Why is this important? It helps keep the skin fresh and healthy but also encourages cellular turnov

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