Introducing The Glowtocol...

The Glowtocol is my love letter to skincare. To beautiful products and the magic that happens when we commit acts of self care. As an esthetician, my mission has always been to empower my clients with knowledge about their skin, and how to care for it.


For years, it has been my dream to create a space that transcends the limits of a treatment room and puts skincare know-how into the hands of all who enter. I was a busy skincare professional working hands-on with clients full-time but I longed to create a resource that could help people achieve healthier, happier skin without ever needing an appointment.


This year, when the pandemic caused my facial boutique to close its doors, my busy schedule suddenly cleared itself and my mission felt clear. It was time to create the space I had envisioned for so long.


The Glowtocol is an online boutique, a tutorial hub, a skincare encyclopedia and an ode to all things skin. Within the site, I've compiled and condensed years worth of skincare knowledge from my formal education and advanced industry trainings, as well as hands-on treatment room experience treating hundreds of faces.


I built The Glowtocol to help you learn about and love on your skin. From free tutorials to custom-curated consultations, there is room for everyone. Regardless of who you are or where you're at on your skincare journey, The Glowtocol is for you.