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Gemstone Facial Massage

+ Nefeli Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha + Gemstone Facial Massage?

Gua Sha is an advanced facial massage modality. I trained with and was certified by Dr. Ping Zhang who developed the Nefeli Gua Sha tool and method based on philosophies in Chinese Medicine. In this treatment, I also work with a variety of gemstone tools to detoxify, brighten and tighten the skin. 


What are the benefits of a facial with

gemstone facial massage?

* Gemstone tools work to lift the facial muscles and relax fine lines

* Stones like rose quartz, jade, fluorite and  amethyst help soothe and brighten the skin

* Gua Sha works to release tension and stagnant lymph in the face for natural detoxification of the skin
The tools work to infuse oils and serums deeper into the skin