CJB Amethyst Vibration Wand


Like throwing a pebble in a pond, the oscillating vibration gently ripples through the layers of skin and beyond to create far-reaching and long-term shifts in the health of the skin.

The reach and magnitude of the soothing vibration around a central point and along the contours of the face stimulates acupressure points, wakes up the skin to relieve congestion, liberates stagnate fluid and increases oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow necessary for a healthy complexion.

Light touch = flow of lymph and fluid
Medium touch = relieves tension and joint pain

  • Increases cellular activity
  • Rose Quartz & Amethyst amplify the affect of the vibration
  • Dredges congested skin to improve skin tone
  • Brightens, lightens and tightens
  • Relieve tension, improve muscle tone
  • Contours and sculpts, reduce puffiness
  • Resonates deeply to affect variety of skin concerns

360 degree waterproof

High frequency vibration; 6,000x per minute

Note: AA battery not included

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