NuFACE Trinity Pro


Microcurrent Lifting, Toning and Contouring for the Face & Neck


About: NuFace Trinity is a microcurrent facial toning device, approved by the FDA for facial contouring, lifting, smoothing and rejuvenation at home. The PRO device is esthetician-strength and available for retail only via licensed professionals for the same price as the NuFace Trinity sold elsewhere. 

Recommended Use: Treat the desired areas for as little as five minutes per day. For best results use for 5-15 minutes, 5 days per week, for the first 60 days. After that, use 2-3 days per week to maintain results. Use oil-free cleanser to pre-cleanse and oil-free products only prior to use. Use the NuFace Gel Primer in a thin layer on the surface of the skin to conduct the current. Download the NuFace App to see routines and tutorials.

Contraindications: Pregnancy, epilepsy and pacemaker devices


  • PRO Device
  • 5 oz. Gel Primer
  • Charging Stand
  • How-To Guide and other seasonal promotional items. 

609 E Speer Blvd  .  Denver, CO  .  80203  .  303.957.6334

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