10 Tips for Better Summer Skin

So it's officially summer! You've probably planted your garden, taken the lawn furniture out of storage and swapped out your wardrobe by now. But have you summerized your skin? As the seasons change and the temperature climbs, your skin can take a beating. Here are some easy tips to help you battle the heat and save your skin from extreme conditions.

1) SPF! SPF! SPF!: You knew I was going to say that, didn't you? SPF should be worn year-round. However, if you're not on your sunblock game, summer is when you really need to step it up. And no, if it's in your makeup or your moisturizer it probably isn't enough. (More on that in another blog coming soon!). Look for an SPF of 30 or higher and be prepared to re-apply throughout the day.

Worried about clogged pores? Look for a sunscreen that is designed for the face and is non-comedogenic, and you'll be set! Sun protection isn't just about not burning. When you wear your sunscreen you prevent premature aging, sun spots and of course, skin cancer. No excuses! SPF!

2) Swap heavy products for lighter versions: Summer often brings an increase in humidity. If you have oily skin or tend to sweat a lot in the summer, you may be tempted to skip products that feel sticky in the heat. However, it's still important to keep up your skin care routine. Consider swapping out liquid for powder foundation. Look for a lightweight moisturizer or hydrating serum to replace your usual day cream. You can also try blending products such as sunscreen and a serum for a lighter finish.

3) Stay hydrated: Sometimes we all need a friendly reminder to drink our H20. In the summer, water intake is especially critical because you're likely to lose more water in hotter months. When you are dehydrated, so is your skin. So drink up!

4) Opt for less aggressive treatments: A chemical peel might sound like a good idea, when you're prepping to attend your ex-boyfriend's August wedding, but if you plan to be outside at a barbecue next weekend, hold that thought. More aggressive exfoliation treatments such as a peel can be at odds with sun exposure. After receiving a treatment, the last thing you want to do is get a sunburn that will completely undo your investment in your skin. Consider a lighter enzyme exfoliation treatment to keep the skin fresh and hydrated for summer and save that peel for the fall.

5) Protect your lips and hands too! If you're like me, you're obsessed with protecting your face, but forget to take care of the rest. Oops! We can work on this one together. When applying your hydrating products and SPF, don't neglect your lips and hands. The skin on these parts, ages just like your face. So you'll want to reach for a lip hydrator with SPF and be sure to apply a sunscreen to your hands.

6) Spot treat those sun spots: This time of year, most of us spend more time outdoors. Increased sun exposure can exacerbate brown spots caused by sun damage. To help fade these discolorations, spot treat with power ingredients such as hydroquinone, vitamin C, azelaic acid, kojic acid, glycolic acid and retinols.

7) Keep it cool: Dreading your skin care routine because your face is already hot and you don't feel like layering anything else on? Or just need an afternoon pick-me-up? Try keeping your favorite summer hydrator - such as a misting toner or light moisturizer - in the refrigerator. When it's time to refresh, your chilled product will feel amazing!

8) Exfoliate: Feeling scaly? Summer can leave the skin feeling rough and dry. To get rid of that dead surface skin, a good scrub is usually all you need. For the body you can use a sugar/salt scrub or a dry brush. For the face you can also use a gentle scrub or facial scrub brush (careful not to over do it!) Also consider a light manual exfoliation such as microdermabrasion or dermaplaning to get you feeling smooth again.

9) Prevent body breakouts: Gross but true...in the summer you sweat in more places, more often. This can lead to breakouts in areas that are not your face. Fun, right? Don't stress, though. You can use your favorite active facial cleanser all over to battle that bacne. Problem solved.

10) Eat these foods: Good news! This last one is super easy. The following delicious foods are great for the skin because they are high in vitamin C, Vitamin A and/or antioxidants: tomatoes, citrus fruits, berries, melons, peaches, mangos, papaya, peppers, avocado and squash. All you have to do is eat up!

Stay cool, friends. Happy summer!

About the blog:

This is a blog about everyday skin health. As an esthetician I strive to provide comprehensive skin care advice and knowledge to anyone who wants to know more.

Read on and please don't hesitate to reach out! I love educating people about their skin and am always happy to respond to questions.

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