The Skin Games: Week One

So first things first, I need to introduce you to my model! This is Vanessa! Vanessa is a fellow Denverite and fashion blogger. You can find her on Instagram as @_vanessaland_ or read her blog here. When Vanessa and I met at a local blogger meet up earlier this year, we chatted briefly about what I do and what some of her skin challenges are. Later, when I heard about The Skin Games, it occurred to me that Vanessa might be the perfect candidate to be my model for the competition. I approached her and luckily she was up for the challenge as well.

For the next eight weeks, Vanessa and I will meet for weekly treatments customized to help treat her skin. She is also following a very specific home care regimen designed by me to support her results. Because affecting change in the skin is largely dependent on proper after care, this will be an important aspect of the challenge.

What are we working on exactly?

At my first meeting with Vanessa l did skin analysis and intake. We talked about her specific concerns - namely hyperpigmentation and scarring leftover from old acne. She has some breakout activity presently and struggles with dryness. Some of my initial observations were in line with her concerns. I also think her skin may be a bit stressed and congested. She also has some sensitivity which makes me think her barrier is compromised and in need of repair. This is common if the skin is stripped of moisture, either from the environment or harsh products or both.

Another challenge is that Vanessa suffers from eczema, and although it does not affect her face, I am mindful of not wanting to do anything too harsh to her skin thereby causing it to react.

Week One:

For our first treatment, I went a little outside the box. Based on my initial observations that she has stressed skin and her own observations of breakouts and blackheads, I decided to focus on deep cleaning and oxygenating her skin to create a fresh slate. My goal was to sort of reset the present condition of her skin and start rebuilding it. I chose the detox gel over a peel because it is a gentler treatment and although Vanessa has had successful peels in the past, I want to take a more progressive approach.

Following the our deep pore treatment and extractions, I then applied products designed to purify and oxygenate the skin. My gut instinct is that Vanessa's skin needs some healing and this antioxidant treatment will help give her skin a boost to restore its health and metabolism. With her skin both cleansed and repairing, I feel we will have a good foundation on which to begin the rest of our series of treatments.

Lastly I ended our treatment with a cooling and soothing mask. After using some potent products to kickstart the process, I still wanted to be sure to also focus on calming her skin. The mask I chose has a lot of anti inflammatory properties, because I wanted to counterbalance the more aggressive portions of the treatment and end with her skin in a relaxed state.

Upon finishing, it we did not see a remarkable difference just yet, but I do think her skin looks calmer already and I think that's a great start. I can't wait to see what it looks like next week after everything has settled and she starts into her home care.

The Rest of the Plan:

For the next seven treatments, I have a rough plan of what I would like to do each week. However, I will make a decision each week based on our results and how Vanessa's skin is feeling. Knowing that there may be some trial and error along the way, I'll be diligently monitoring her progress. We will be checking in with one another throughout the week and addressing any issues as they arise. Vanessa has stopped use of any of her regular skin care products and has a prescribed routine to follow with the products I chose for her. At present, I chose gentle products focused on hydrating, healing and nourishing her skin. I told her to think of our Sunday treatments and boot camp and the rest of the week, her skin is doing yoga.

We may add and subtract some elements or swap out anything that isn't working. I will also blog in the future about her previous home care versus what she is on now. Since the skin is a system, it is helpful to figure out anything in her products, diet or lifestyle that may be triggering for her skin issues. We'll look at that a little later.

My other basic instructions for Vanessa were to drink tons and TONS of water and wear SPF at all times. If the skin isn't hydrated or protected, pretty much nothing else we do will matter, so these are important ones.

Stay Tuned:

As the project continues, we hope you'll join us and keep track of our progress. I'll be blogging about the project, and documenting it for the competition but you can also support us by following on social media and spreading the word about our challenge. Check back often for updates and get ready to root for us at the Live Event in 2017!

<3 Jenny

Week One Videos:

About the blog:

This is a blog about everyday skin health. As an esthetician I strive to provide comprehensive skin care advice and knowledge to anyone who wants to know more.

Read on and please don't hesitate to reach out! I love educating people about their skin and am always happy to respond to questions.

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