The Skin Games: Week Two

This week takes us into the second week of my Skin Games Challenge! I have a feeling the weeks are going to fly by, so I'm hoping to keep blogging and tracking our progress diligently.

Last week I talked about some of our challenges out of the gate. After some initial adjustment, restoring healthy turnover in Vanessa's skin, I decided to take a step back this week and do a pretty gentle treatment. We did a basic facial with enzyme exfoliation, followed by a blend of purifying and hydrating masks. The treatment was mainly focused on soothing and hydration.

From week one, I did see a little improvement. No major changes, but her skin looked calmer and clearer than the previous week. Although she reported some sensitivity to her home care in the first few days, it seems that adjustment is starting to happen. I hope to only see more positive change from here.

So for today, I thought we'd talk a little more about that that home care looks like! When affecting change in the skin, people underestimate the importance of good products at home. But if you think about it, it makes sense. You can't work out once a month with a trainer and get in shape, if you don't work out at home the other days of the month. It just doesn't work that way.

I'll talk more in a future post about professional products vs. over the counter. But suffice to say, for the Skin Games Challenge it was very important to get Vanessa's skin on a routine with good products, that will also target her specific needs. So I'll break it down by product. What we are using and why I chose it. Here is what we started with:

Skin Script's Green Tea Citrus Antioxidant Cleanser - This is an amazing cleanser for pretty much everyone. Every skin type. I use it in almost all of my treatments. You name it. It's a amazing. But for Vanessa specifically, I like this cleanser because has ingredients such as green tea extract to protect the skin and fight cell damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties good for soothing and healing. Overall, it's great for removing makeup, cleansing and clarifying.

Skin Script's Cucumber Hydration Toner - This is a product I could use all day, every day. (And sometimes do!) This toner helps balance the skin, while hydrating it and soothing. The hyaluronic acid it contains will be particularly helpful for Vanessa's skin because it binds moisture and holds 1,000x it's own weight in water.

Skin Script's Ageless Hydrating Serum - I have Vanessa on a cocktail of two serums, the first being the hydrating. Everyone can use this serum. It's great for hydrating dry skin as a boost to moisturizer but can also be used to hydrate acne skin because it is lightweight and doesn't clog pores. Since Vanessa has dry skin but also gets breakouts, this is a great addition for her hydration levels which should also help balance out the skin and prevent more breakouts.

Skin Script's Vitamin C and Green Tea Serum - The second serum of the two is a blend of Vitamin C and Green Tea designed to bright the skin and reduce fine lines. Vitamin C is particularly good for helping fade dark spots (one of the issues we are targeting) and protect the skin against further sun damage. It Also has CoQ10, a wonder ingredient for stimulating the skin supplementing it.

Skin Script's Light Aloe Moisturizer- The Light Aloe moisturizer is actually the lightest weight moisturizer I use in my treatment room. Although it is designed for oily and acne skin, I chose it for Vanessa because it also has soothing aloe and helps heal the skin. For someone with sensitized skin, it's a great choice to treat the skin without irritating it. It also helps balance moisture levels, which someone with combination skin can always benefit from.

Skin Script's Peptide Restoration Moisturizer- This is our night time moisturizer for the Skin Games Challenge. It's a hero product because it's full of amazing ingredients. Fatty acids, antioxidants, more Co-Q10. And peptides! Peptides are pretty much the best thing ever (blog for another day!) for promoting healthy skin function. Something someone undergoing treatments can certainly use, as well as anyone wanting to repair damaged skin. It's also a very light moisturizer for at night, while still getting the job done. For someone with some product sensitivity, I like starting them on products that are lighter weight and gentle, like this one.

PCA's C&E Strength - Another favorite product of mine. Vitamin C & E are both powerhouses for tacking issues like dark spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, even old scarring and texture. Vitamin C does the work on pigment, while E breaks down scar tissue and softens the skin. They also work together to prevent and fight free radical damage. I think this product is going to be a game changer for Vanessa's skin.

PCA's Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 - Sunscreen is actually the most important of all the products, because without sun protection, it really doesn't matter what we do to Vanessa's skin. This is a great protector because it has blockers for both UVB and UVA rays, and it also helps fight free radicals with antioxidants and caffeine. This sunscreen is my favorite lightweight sunscreen, that I use in warmer months, but it really is great year round.

So that's our line-up to start! I will adjust and tweak as necessary according our progress and any issues that arise as we go. Tune in next week for more Skin Games Updates and be sure to check out the videos on YouTube!

<3 Jenny

Week Two Video;

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