The Skin Games: Week Three

Phew! Where did the time go? It's already week three of our Skin Games Challenge and I barely found the time to check in this week!

Vanessa and I met up briefly, earlier this week. Just long enough to check in and do a rather quick chemical peel treatment. Last week we prepared by doing a patch test of the peel, to ensure that her skin wouldn't have any adverse reaction. Luckily, all was well so we are were all geared up to proceed!

We used the Sensi Peel from PCA skin, which I believe will be a great choice for her skin. It's an amazing peel designed to work with nearly all skin types and conditions. Super gentle, yet effective. I'm really hoping it can be a game changer for Vanessa's skin. It targets pigment and texture, leaving the skin super smooth. I also have a lot of clients report that they have less breakout activity following this peel. I really can't wait to see what kind of results we get.

In terms of progress, Vanessa's skin isn't showing drastic change, just yet. Nearing the halfway point, I'm feeling the pressure but it's important to remember that creating change in the skin takes time. Conditions like dark spots or scars don't appear overnight, and they don't go away overnight either. (Bummer, I know.) Sometimes it can take two weeks or more just for the skin to adjust to a new product line.

As tempting as it might be, to go more aggressive, I continue to listen to my gut and take a more progressive approach. Knowing Vanessa's sensitivity levels, I don't want to push it and cause damage or irritation to her skin. I am a competitor, for sure, but I'm an esthetician first. My number one priority is overall skin health vs. instant results.

That said, Vanessa noted that her skin is feeling healthier and I would agree. I think it's a great start and I look forward to seeing what the second half of our challenge brings!

Lastly, a huge thanks to The Skin Games for showcasing me in their Player Spotlight this week. I am so excited to be featured! You can check out the feature here!

Thanks for your continued support and for following along as we head into the homestretch of our challenge!

<3 Jenny

Week Three Video:

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