The Skin Games: Week Four

Week Four, you guys! Can't you believe it? We're now officially halfway through the Skin Games Challenge!

Last week we did our first chemical peel treatment, using the Sensi Peel from PCA. Given how universally awesome this peel is, I had high hopes for this treatment and the results for Vanessa's skin.

Mid-week, I checked in and Vanessa reported that she was having lots of peeling. Although this surprised me somewhat, I'm not complaining! Lots of peeling means we are getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Generally speaking, peels get into the skin and help break up the bonds between old dead skin cells. If your old skin cells are bricks, what a peel does is go in and dissolve the mortar that is holding them together. This results in the shedding of that skin and the skin will then work to make new healthy skin and push that to the surface.

In spite of this, it is not unusual or uncommon for clients to NOT peel, when undergoing a light or gentle peel like this one. Many clients only experience flaking or dry patches and there is very little downtime. The amount of peeling also has a lot to do with what the skin needs to get rid of. The healthier and more conditioned your epidermis is, the less peeling you will typically see with a peel. I suspect that during our next round, Vanessa will see significantly less turnover. In any event, peeling is a good sign at this juncture!

Looking at Vanessa's skin before our fourth treatment, I am starting to see some improvement. I observe that she is experiencing far less breakout activity. There is still some congestion on her forehead that I want to continue working on, but overall I'm seeing some of that healthier, happier skin coming to light.

That said, I still feel like we've got work to do. Treating her hyperpigmentation and scarring is going to require some more effort. Our hope is to do another round of the Sensi peel at our next treatment, but for this week Vanessa was experiencing a lot of dryness leftover from the peel and I decided to focus on getting that hydration back on track. We did another facial using a cocktail of Skin Script enzymes, a hydrating and purifying mask and heavy duty moisturizer. Following the treatment, Vanessa reported that her skin felt "amazing." Hooray progress!

Stay tuned for more updates as we move into the second half of our Skin Games Challenge. I'm excited that we are starting to gain a little momentum in our skin transformation and even more excited to see what the second half brings!

<3 Jenny

Week Four Video:

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