The Skin Games: Week Five

We are coming around the bend on my 8-week skin transformation challenge, AKA The Skin Games!

Following Vanessa's first peel treatment, we are starting to see some improvement. After performing a hydrating facial on her last week, Vanessa said her skin was feeling "amazing." This was a good reminder for me that her skin is still on the sensitive/compromised side and maybe it really is as simple as working on that barrier repair. We have since tweaked her home care for this reason.

This week I had also sent Vanessa some email questions to check in with her. I wanted to know how she is feeling about her skin these days and any changes or improvements she might be noticing. Although I can see improvement as her esthetician, it is always helpful (and interesting!) for me to know how my client feels about the skin they are seeing day-to-day.

Here is what she had to say:

1) How is your skin feeling, now that we are halfway through our treatments and almost a month into the home care?

It feels more moisturized now that I have received the extra little moisturizer, still some dry areas so I am working on that.

2) Have there been any challenges with following the routine?

No not really. I did switch the Vitamin C serum and Ageless serum for the C+E Strength. I tried the C+E in the morning and the vitamin C with the ageless at night, but I think I like using the C+E at night better.

3) What changes have you noticed in your skin since beginning the challenge?

Feels softer and not as much acne. The black spots are slowly going away.

4) What are you liking about the results so far? What changes are you still hoping to see?

I do like how moist I felt after the hydration facial on Sunday. I feel like that made my skin more moist. I have noticed my discoloration becoming more even and my face is softer. I am still hoping to see my dark spots lighten or even out, and my the large pores on my cheeks upper nose and chin close or become less noticeable (if that makes sense)

5) Any other input about your experience so far with either the products or treatment or both?

My favorites are:

-Cucumber Hydration Toner -feels like a nice mist dream

-Green Tea and Lemon facial cleanser - I can feel dirt leaving my face haha

-Acai Berry Moisturizer -smells good and is very moist

Good products are:

-C+E Strength -you can really feel it working and see the difference.

-Aloe Lightweight Moisturizer -moisturizing at first but not quite enough for me

-Vitamin C and Ageless Serums

I've noticed the mixture of gels and creams tend to make a build up on my face but they definitely do work!

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the sunscreen ... but do not worry, I still use it every day since it is very very necessary!

Thanks to Vanessa for sharing her experience thus far and stay tuned for the final few weeks of our challenge!

<3 Jenny

This week's video diary:

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This is a blog about everyday skin health. As an esthetician I strive to provide comprehensive skin care advice and knowledge to anyone who wants to know more.

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