The Skin Games: Week Six

OMG, you guys. My apologies for the delay this week! The Skin Games continues and what's more, is that we only have two weeks left! Eep!

Last week, we had done round two of our Sensi Peel with Vanessa. After the first round went so well, we decided to stick with what works. This week, following our second peel, I was eager to get a look at her skin to see where we were at in our progress.

At our visit, Vanessa reported that she had quite a bit of peeling again, which is great. Looking at her skin, I do see we've made a lot of headway tackling some of her issues. Her skin is definitely appearing smoother and more evened out. Overall it just looks healthier and happier. Although she still has some breakout activity, I'm not seeing nearly as much dehydration or stressed-looking skin. No more open comedones or blotchiness.

What has persisted however, are the hyper pigmented spots. I've been keeping an eye on my photos week-to-week and noticing that just as we eliminate one, another one seems to appear. With only two weeks to go, I'm concerned as to how much more we can do to clear them.

That said, we have made some adjustments to Vanessa's home care for the end stretch. We've added PCA's Hydroquinone-Free Pigment Gel into the mix, to try and address the pigment. This is a great product that not only helps fade pigment but helps protect healthy cells and prevent new pigment from forming. It has azelaic acid and kojic acid, which are both great for this purpose. I've advised Vanessa to use it in her routine as a spot treatment.

Additionally we have amped up her moisturizer, as her skin seems to be responding well to more and more hydration. We had been using Skin Script RX's Light Aloe Moisturizer for it's healing properties and because Vanessa was concerned about oiliness. However, I had sampled her a heavier moisturizer from Skin Script - The Acai Berry Moisturizer - and her skin is loving it. I'm trusting her to listen to her skins needs and used the extra hydration as needed.

This week was an off-week following her peel, so we did another facial with enzymes and hydrating mask. This gentle treatment seems to really balance out the more aggressive treatments and Vanessa's skin tends to be at its best, following the facials.

Tomorrow we'll convene for Week 7, and I'll be deciding our next move after I get a look at her skin. Will report back soon, so stay tuned!

<3 Jenny

Week Six Video:

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