The Skin Games: Week Seven

Not a lot to report in Week 7, as I mentioned in my last check-in, I was coming into week seven with an open mind. Rounding out our challenge, I'm pleased with the progress we've made on Vanessa's overall skin health, but it's sometimes the things you can't fix that stand out. For the last couple weeks, we added spot treat to Vanessa's home care to try and work on the one issue that persists - her hyperpigmented dark spots.

So I was on the fence about our next move, considering a third peel but also being mindful that we've already done a lot to Vanessa's skin in just the past month. Given her sensitivity, it seemed likely to me that her dark spots might actually be more aggravated by continued stimulation in treatment. After discussing the options with Vanessa, we agreed that it might be time to work on calming her skin down, rather than pushing it more.

For our week seven treatment I did another enzyme treatment but this time I added some glycolic and retinol scrub from Skin Script RX, to serve as a gentle alternative to the peel. Mixed with Pomegranate and Cherry Enzymes (both great for discoloration and hyperpgimented skin) this exfoliation can still accomplish plenty on the skin without roughing it up too much.

Liking our trend of mixing things, I blended a hydrating and rejuvenating mask with just a little bit of a charcoal purifying mask. When it doubt on multi-masking, I sometimes just like to blend it all! Overall, I felt this treatment was appropriate to keep Vanessa's skin on a healthy path without over exfoliating or causing inflammation. The pattern I've noticed is that her skin becomes more acneic under stress or duress, so with only a week to go, I wanted to end Vanessa's treatment series on an up note.

Check back next week for final before and afters and find out how we celebrated the end of our Skin Games Challenge! Woohoo!

<3 Jenny

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