The Skin Games: Week Eight

Whew! How did we get from week one to week eight already?! Well, like it or not, it's here! Which also means my Skin Games Challenge has come to an end. Oh my!

Eight weeks ago, my model Vanessa and I embarked on our journey to transform her skin. Here are our final results:

Looking at our final pictures, I still see room for change in Vanessa's skin, but for all the things that still aren't perfect, I see a vast improvement in the overall bigger picture. We started knowing we had our work cut out for us, but we still managed to make some great progress.

The biggest different I notice in Vanessa's skin is how much more clear and even it looks. Through our series of enzyme treatments and peels, we were able to eliminate some of the blotchy uneven pigment that you see in the first picture. Her pores look smaller and more refined. The acne on her forehead has significantly cleared up, and we are only seeing some random breakouts pop up.

Eight weeks out, Vanessa's skin is softer, smoother and more hydrated. What is most fascinating about the Skin Games is working on such a tight schedule.Ordinarily the treatments we performed on Vanessa would be spaced out over a course of months, so at this accelerated pace, this skin is still actively progressing and transforming. With a few more treatments and perhaps continuing our peel series, I believe we can continue to clear up the remaining dark spots and breakouts.

We finished our challenge with an oxygenating treatment to create a nice healthy glow and keep her skin health on track, and then we celebrated with our very own makeup free photo shoot!

I love these pictures, because I think they prove that Vanessa doesn't ever really need makeup to look gorgeous in front of the camera. Her skin looks happy and healthy and her natural radiance is shining through. Success!

The past eight weeks have been a wonderful challenge for me and a tremendous educational experience. I didn't really know what to expect going in but it's been such a fun step outside of my comfort zone. I learned so much about what is and isn't possible in eight weeks and it has helped me reconnect with my own philosophies about treating the skin.

Big thanks to everyone who has been following along, supporting our challenge and thank you to The Skin Games for providing this wonderful opportunity for estheticians. See you next year?

Final Video:

Thank you for watching!

<3 Jenny

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