Vendor Spotlight: Av Jorden

So excited today to introduce you to my first new vendor at i {heart} skin: Av Jorden!

I was introduced to this awesome brand, where I find most good things these days - on Instagram! But I was even more excited to learn that Av Jorden is made right here in Denver by local business woman, Wendy Vitzthum. Av Jorden is a Norwegian word meaning "of the earth." Using only clean, natural ingredients, she has created an amazing product line which I am proud to feature at i {heart} skin. My personal favorites are the Island Paradise Luxe Body Scrub and Lush Lavender Body Cream, but honestly, I kind of love them all!

You can also check out the full product line on her website.

I recently sent Wendy some questions about her brand. Read on, to hear what she had to say about the inspiration behind Av Jorden. And don't forget to come check out the assortment Av Jorden assortment at i {heart} skin at your next facial!

What was the inspiration behind starting Av Jorden?

I have struggled for several years with health issues. Doctors weren't able to do much so I changed what I was eating and putting in my body. While it helped, I was still having problems. I decided then that I needed to rid my body of as many toxins as possible and be more mindful of what I was putting on it​ as well​.

I began the search for more natural products but was not loving what I was finding. A lot of things still had additives and preservatives in them and I was not a fan of how they felt on my skin. Since I am a big DIY-er I decided I would try making a few items myself. I fell in love with the process of developing my own recipes and sourcing ingredients that were beneficial to my skin. With encouragement from my husband, I began Av Jorden and started to sell my products.

Tell me a little about your products and how you came up with them? All of my​ items are made with natural ingredients​. I did a lot of research trying to find what products are most beneficial for skin. From there it was a huge trial and error when developing my recipes. The first body cream I came up with was extremely greasy. I felt like I could wax my furniture with my arms and legs. Since most people aren't fond of that feeling, I did some digging and went back to the drawing board.

It took me several attempts and lots of tweaks to get my recipes to where I wanted them to be. Once I got one product completed, I began working on others to extend my line. Right now I offer whipped body creams, luxe body scrubs, lip balms, deodorant, face creams, an eye balm that is fantastic at removing make-up, and face cleansers.

What is your personal favorite Av Jorden product?

My favorite product varies from time to time. But currently I am in love with my body creams​ since dry weather is upon us​. Rustic Forest is my go-to right now. Normally I don't go for more earthy scents. However, I am loving the change! I even was complimented by someone the other day about how fantastic I smelled. What do you like best about your products and what do customers seem like best about them?

I love that I can easily pronounce and recognize every ingredient in my products. With all the health issues I have, being able to know exactly what is in them without having to look the ingredient(s) up on the internet is very comforting to me. I also love that my skin has never been healthier or softer. Ok, maybe when I was a child it was this soft. But it hasn't been this way in years. My customers also love the same thing. They like being able to easily recognize all the ingredients in each product and they are enamored with the results of using them. My body creams especially have helped some with dry itchy skin, and they don't feel greasy after using it either.

What do you most want people to know about your brand or your business? My business is all about trying to help others not only feel good about what they are putting on their bodies, but to help them feel a little pampered at the same time. I am a mom to two very busy kids. I am constantly running around trying to get things done and don't have a lot of "me time." My products actually allow me to feel like I get to indulge without taking a lot of time. That is huge for me and I want to gift that to others.

And for fun... Your favorite beauty and/or self-care tip?

My favorite beauty tip is to keep things simple. I used to feel like I needed a 10 step process every night to have healthy skin. However I have found that the simpler I keep my beauty routine, the better skin I have. Another favorite tip of mine, drink plenty of water. It makes a huge difference in not only how your body functions but in how healthy your skin is.

Huge thanks to Wendy for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm so excited for my clients to experience Av Jorden's wonderful products!

<3 Jenny

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