Raspberry White Chocolate Seasonal Facial

Happy January! I'm very excited to kick off the New Year with a Seasonal Facial that really hits a high note. This facial is subtly sweet, but deeply nourishing for the skin. And while we're at it? Good for the soul. What better way to kick off a year, than with some pampering self-care? Luckily, the Raspberry White Chocolate Seasonal Facial has it all for you.

As with any facial, you'll get a double cleanse - raspberry infused, of course. No cleanse is complete without a little scrub, so this facial is also your opportunity to try out the fabulous Raspberry Refining Scrub that I've been raving about lately. With gentle natural exfoliants and an amazing aroma, you'll understand the hype once you experience it for yourself.

After we've gotten everything prepped, we apply the Raspberry Peach Enzyme, which is a very gentle alternative to chemical exfoliation. This enzyme is one of my favorites, and clients also love it. Raspberry, which is high in antioxidants, is soothing to the skin and reduces inflammation. Meanwhile the peach is softening and smells wonderful. This enzyme is gentle enough for all skin types and suitable for pregnant clients as well.

I won't spoil all the magic, but suffice to say, there are plenty more aromatic delights throughout the facial, including a hydrating cucumber-infused mist and lavender aromatherapy face massage.

Once you are deeply relaxed, sink even further into this rejuvenating facial with the White Chocolate Nourishing Mask. This is a Limited Edition Skin Script RX Mask, designed to soften the skin and repair its natural moisture barrier, which can get impaired during dry winter months. This mask is packed with Vitamin E, borage seed oil and other reparative ingredients. Active ingredients include cocoa which can be stimulating and nutritive when applied to the skin.

Beyond just being an amazing experience for the senses, the Raspberry White Chocolate Facial has some incredible benefits for the skin. It provides hydration, softening, anti-aging, exfoliation and restoration all in one 65-Minute treatment. Book yours today or feel free to contact me with any questions about this month's selection or the benefits of seasonal facials.

<3 Jenny

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