Refine & Renew Duo: Challenge Results!

Hello and welcome back! If you're just tuning in, you'll want to go to this post to read about the Refine & Renew Challenge.

On January 1st, I introduced two new products into my personal skin care routine. I took Before and After pictures to track my progress and have been using both the Raspberry Refining Scrub and the Beta-Carotene Papain Renewal Serum faithfully for 31 days. I was not sure what to expect, but since I loved the scrub already and hadn't yet tried the serum, I was game.

My Challenge Routine

My daily routine in addition to these products was a basic morning cleanse, toner, hydrating serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF. I ordinarily use various correctives to spot treat (pigment gel for hyperpigmentation, peptide serum for fine lines) but for the duration of the challenge, I did not use any of these products. While I did receive one facial this month, I avoided manual exfoliation (I'm a dermaplaning addict). I wanted as much as possible to be able to see how the products performed.

I used the scrub 2 to 3 times per week. I was initially concerned that the scrub might be drying for my already dry skin, but this was never an issue. The scrub is truly a delight to use. Smells amazing and actually helped with some of my texture issues.

Following my cleansing and toning at night, I would then apply the serum. The Beta-Carotene Papain Renewal serum is what I truly fell in love with during this challenge. I now believe it to be the unsung hero of the Skin Script RX product line and have plans to introduce it into some of my treatments. It is actually a very gentle exfoliant as well. When I applied the serum I always felt a very light cool tingle (I actually looked forward to this part every night!), followed by my skin feeling smooth and supple. I then applied my moisturizer on top, once the serum was absorbed.

The Results

I'll post my Before and After photos at the bottom of this entry and let you see for yourself. I will admit I can't see a huge difference in some ways, but I do notice some unexpected changes. Particularly, I notice a diminished appearance in the fine lines on my forehead. This was a pleasant surprise. And while I was secretly hoping for more reduced pigment in my cheeks, I do notice that my overall skin tone seems brighter and more even. I'll take it!

The thing you can't see in photos is what a HUGE difference this combo has made on the texture of my skin. It is truly the smoothest it's been in a long time without receiving a professional exfoliation treatment like a dermaplane or a chemical peel. I'm impressed enough that I plan to keep the scrub and the serum in my regular routine.

Although my official challenge is over, I will of course report back with any exciting results. One thing to always keep in mind with the skin is that it takes time to create real change. Thirty-one days just a little more than one cellular turnover cycle, so it can take your skin a few weeks to even begin to respond to a product. Another reason why consistency is key.

Anyway. Check out the pictures for yourself and feel free to ask any questions you might have about these products, my routine or results.

Thanks for following the #refineandrenewchallenge Until next time!

<3 Jenny

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