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Hello Friends! My apologies for taking a week off. I'll be shifting to blogging every other week for the time being, in order to bring you only the highest quality blog content!

Moving on! I'm excited to dive into my first real product review. More Skincare is a brand I don't carry at i {heart} skin. However, when they reached out to me about trying their product, I was intrigued. I was not compensated for/obligated to do this review, but was given complimentary product. The main reason for this blog is because I love supporting other Colorado brands and I really love what More is doing as a company. I couldn't help but want to share their story, so read on to learn more about well...More!

More Skincare

First, I'll talk about what I like about More Company. They are all about clean products, which as we've recently covered, are an important trending part of skin care. I would consider More a professional grade line, in that it is made with only pure ingredients and no fillers. As they put it:

"The definition of natural is "existing in, or formed by nature" which defines our products perfectly." Knowing your health is important to you, we use key ingredients from around the world, harvested from their natural habitat."

But in addition to producing a quality product with good science and good values behind it, I was also thrilled to learn that they give back as a company! Every More purchase contributes to a project called Unlikely Heroes, which helps to rescue individuals from sex trafficking, through awareness and education programs. You can read more about everything they do here.

Lastly, I've done plenty of stalking of their inspiring Instagram account ( which regularly posts gorgeous inspirational pictures and even more gorgeous inspirational sentiments promoting positive self-esteem. More truly is a company after my own heart.

So now, onto the product!

As soon as I started reading the ingredient decks on these products I was swooning. Green Tea Extract, loads of natural oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Squalene, Vitamin C, Jojoba, MALACHITE and HEMATITE EXTRACT. The list goes on, but they had me at the semi-precious stone extracts. Turns out, ingredients like hematite act similar to retinol, boosting collagen production without irritating the skin.

When the products arrived, I couldn't wait to put them on my face. I quickly glanced through the booklet that was included and learned that More is a very streamlined system. As of now, they have just five products, for a five-step routine. Or as they call it, the More Complete Care Set. While I'm usually skeptical of products putting all skin types in one box, I was curious to try their approach. Their process is as follows:

Step One; Detoxifying Cleanser

Step Two: Divine Youth Perfecting Elixir Step Three: Born Again Ultra Serum Step Four: Pure Glow Hydration Therapy Moisturizer Step Five: Radical Revival Enhanced Treatment Oil

The idea is to do the first four steps morning and night and use the treatment oil at night, or as needed. Now I'll give you a little breakdown of each product:

The Detoxifying Cleanser

I was shocked using this product first, as I expected it to have much more of a scent. I'm a girl who loves my products to smell good, so I was a little bummed that I couldn't smell all of the amazing ingredients. However, I also know that some people hate scents. This would be a perfect cleanser if you are in that camp. It is very mild and gentle. As a cleanser, I found it a bit drying. But to be fair, I have very dry skin to begin with and I was traveling, so my skin was probably dry to begin with. My husband started using it and having slightly oilier skin, he was in love with it. Don't tell him I told you that.

Divine Youth Perfecting Elixir

This is the toner of the line. I was immediately smitten with the packaging. The whole line is very prettily packaged in sleek cute bottles. But the toner is especially fun, because it makes squirting toner onto a cotton round super easy. Or you can just get some in your palms and splash it directly on the face and wipe off excess, which I did due to lack of cotton rounds on the go. Again, I was surprised by the very mild smell on this, but it does feel refreshing going on. A nice balance after the cleanser, which is usually the mark of a good toner.

Born Again Ultra Serum

The serum was probably my favorite in the line! Not surprising as I'm a big fan of serums. This one has a light sweet smell, which I appreciated. It also glides on very nicely, which I like in a serum with hyaluronic acid. I find this helps lock in moisture consistently on the whole face . I even mixed it in with the moisturizer a few times for maximum moisture. Other times when I felt just a little dry or weathered from the day, I would apply extra serum mid day as a pick me up.

Hydration Therapy Moisturizer

I wanted to love the moisturizer, as it did feel nice going on. However, I think it may be similar to the cleanser in that it isn't the level of moisture my skin requires. I admit, I'm a bit of a special case however, in how dry my skin can be. Otherwise, I still am in love with the idea of semi-precious extracts and was convinced this moisturizer gave me an extra shimmer/glow that worked well with my makeup. I plan to try using it more this summer as we have a little more moisture in our dry Colorado air.

Radical Revival Enhanced Treatment Oil

Let me start by saying that in spite of all the hype around facial oils, I personally have struggled to find a facial oil that is compatible to my skin. I find that for whatever reason, oil doesn't penetrate my skin well and tends to form a greasy surface layer. Although it can provide some good moisture, I find it unpleasant. Not so with More's treatment oil! I actually found that as long as I did the full routine, the oil was the perfect finish. Providing a little extra boost to the moisturizer and also working well with my makeup. Of all the products I'm most impressed by, it's this oil for for maybe, just maybe converting me on the argument for facial oils.

Overall Impressions

I think this would be a great line for someone wanting a simple, yet comprehensive skin care routine. I also think it would be great for someone seeking a gentle and natural approach that is still going to give them results. Men, in particular would love this line as it provides a no-frills approach to caring for their skin. As I noted earlier, this is also a good line for people who don't love strong scents in their products. (To each his own!) The entire line was very mild and practically scentless.

While the whole More process might not have been perfect match for my skin, I still love the serum and facial oil enough to continue using them. I'm not sure what they have in the works, but look forward to seeing what other products this line might branch out into. (An eye cream would be super!)

You can check out More Skincare, and read more about their products and mission at

<3 Jenny

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