Five Ways to Use a Jade Roller & Five Reasons Why You Should

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The other day, I saw a post on social media implying that jade rolling was a trendy and frivolous practice. And judging by some of the questions I've received recently, some of my followers aren't sold on it either. A lot of you are asking if these tools really work and the answer is: 100% yes! I'm here today, to argue for the practice of using these tools in your skin care.

Jade rollers are yes, those trendy little devices you've probably been seeing all over your social media feed. BUT gemstones and roller tools have actually been used in skin care for a long time. Not all are made out of jade stone, but for our purposes today, I'm going to stick with the term "jade roller." All gemstone rollers work similarly but different stones have unique energetic properties. (Blog topic for another day!)

I utilize a variety of gemstone roller tools in the treatment room in just about every facial these days. And it's not just for "fluff." In fact, I've been getting even better results incorporating this practice for my clients. Calmer acne, less redness in the skin and a better overall finish are some of the main benefits I've noticed. I started incorporating the rollers as part of a seasonal treatment but quickly realized I didn't want to give it up, due to its serious glow-inducing results. And while the glow alone makes me a believer, there are numerous practical benefits as well. Let's discuss!

Five Reasons to Use a Jade Roller:

1. Lymphatic Drainage - I'll be writing about the lymphatic system, and how important it is to your skin, in a future post. But for now, suffice to say it's very important. Stagnant lymph contributes to everything from extra puffiness to blackheads to dull skin and more. Facial rollers stimulate the flow of lymph. The light pressure of a jade roller is just enough to smoothly move excess fluid out towards the lymph nodes and helps improve your skin's detoxification process. I love for my clients to be using the tools at home as a support to the lymphatic massage techniques that I perform in a facial. It really helps boost and maintain the results.

2. Product Penetration - You can use a jade roller on dry or wet skin, but I like to use a roller in combination with product because it enhances the benefits of the product. By applying an oil or serum to the skin and then rolling over the surface, you help infuse the ingredients into the skin. The roller helps with smoother application of the product and also works to calm any initial irritation caused by stimulating actives like vitamin C.

3. Stimulate Blood Flow - At the same time the skin is benefitting from the lymphatic removal of impurities, you are also delivering new nutrition to the cells by stimulating blood flow. This is beneficial with any skin care treatment because it promotes collagen production, cellular turnover and rejuvenation. Roller tools get everything moving in the right direction and this definitely plays a role in your skin's glow factor as well.

4. Soothe Muscle Tension - Tight jaw? Frown lines? Crow's feet from staring at a computer all day? We carry so much muscle tension in our face! Facial massage with a roller tool is equivalent to how you would use a foam roller on tight muscles in the body. You can gently work out tensions by rolling the areas that need it most. This will in turn, relax some of your expression lines. One of the most instantaneous benefits I notice, when working on a clients face with a roller, is the brow lift that occurs once I work the brow area area and relax the muscles around the eyes.

5. Self Care Ritual - Even if none of the above were true, I would still argue for jade rollers because they are a simple, easy and inexpensive way to pamper yourself. I think there's a misconception that these are expensive tools, but they don't have to be. I source the rollers I sell from a Colorado maker and they retail for under $30. I say, if a jade or rose quartz roller is the thing that gets you excited about spoiling yourself, or using a serum or doing your skin care routine at all? Then it isn't frivolous. Creating a little daily or weekly ritual for yourself is a form of self-care that is plenty beneficial.

So now, that you're on board, you're probably still wondering how do I use one of these things? Read on!

Five Ways to Roll:

1. Lymphatic Massage - As we talked about above, a huge benefit of roller tools is that they help with manual lymphatic drainage. Don't let the fancy term fool you. You can easily do this for yourself daily to help with acne, blackheads, uneven pigment and overall skin health. All you need to do is use light pressure and roll out towards the edges of your face. The easiest rule to remember is to work along the natural curvatures of your face - jawline, cheekbones, the orbital bone below the eyes, forehead and above the brows. You can also work downwards on the sides of your nose just a little. By doing this consistently over time, you will start to notice less congestion in the pores and quicker turnover in your skin.

2. Serum/Oil Infusion - Serum infusion is another simple function of the jade roller. By adding a serum or product, you'll not only get a little better glide, but also the added bonus of working the serum into the skin. I personally like to apply a layer of my favorite Vitamin C serum, followed by a hydrating hyaluronic acid serum and then roll before my moisturizer. In treatments, I do the same but add a mask after infusing serums, for the ultimate skin treat.

3. Spot Treatment - If you're short on time, you can also use the rollers for a few simple spot treatment tricks. To do this, I recommend sticking your roller in the freezer or ice water to chill it for a few minutes. Most gemstone rollers stay cool naturally, but they do warm to the skin. Getting the roller extra cold is a nice treat any time, but particularly when dealing with skin irritations. Got a blemish? Instead of picking or popping it, use a cold roller to soothe the area and I promise you'll be much happier. Got a little too much sun? Gently rolling a cold stone on your skin with help with inflammation and redness. For puffy eyes and dark circles, the small end of the roller tool fresh out of the freezer is your new BFF.

4. Get a Quick Lift - If you're jade rolling on the regular, the benefits of lymphatic drainage should be enough to start seeing more defined cheek bones and a more sculpted jawline. But if you want to get a little more deep tissue massage, you can apply more pressure and get a little temporary face lift. To do this, use smaller strokes in an upward motion to coax the tension out of tight jaw and lift the cheeks and brows. You can also roll near the temples. Horiztonal and vertical strokes on the forehead will help ease frown lines and deep set wrinkles. I've even gotten rid of a few headaches this way.

And while I won't promise that you can totally eliminate wrinkles with a jade roller, you can definitely relax them by applying an anti-aging serum, eye cream or hydrating product to the area and work as if you were "ironing out" the wrinkles. This will reduce the tension and help with fine lines over time. It is especially important to roll down the neck. I recommend rolling the neck often, as it holds the most tension and that muscle tension is sometimes what creates a blockage of blood and lymph flow to the face.

5. Add a Sheet Mask - One last fun beauty hack, if you're feeling like you've got this roller business down - I like to apply a hydrating sheet mask and roll on top of it. This works just like serum infusion. Sheet masks usually come soaked in a serum or essence of some sort, but much of the product gets left behind on the sheet. Rolling helps the ingredients of the mask to actually absorb better, so less of the good stuff is wasted. I recommend taking any excess serum from the packet, applying it to the neck and rolling for reasons we talked about above. Takes the mask off and roll for a few more minutes. The overall effect is dewy, glowing skin and it's easy to achieve in only about 5-10 minutes!


So. I hope this leaves you feeling a little less intimidated and a little more inspired to try a roller tool in your routine. If you're a client of mine, I will happily give you a little tutorial at your next visit, but YouTube also has a wealth of demos and videos on how to get rolling (pun intended) in the comfort of your own home. I advocate for just playing around and experimenting with different routines with your tool, to find out how your skin responds. That said, if you learn any new tricks, you just have to promise to teach me too.

Until next time, Happy Rolling!


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