Everything You Need to Know About Facial Reflexology

Happy October! If you've been following along lately, I've been introducing you to some of the new holistic modalities at i {heart} skin. Today I'm excited to finally be talking more in-depth about a service I added this summer and that clients are loving so far - Facial Reflexology!

Photo by Corinna Lander

Facial reflexology is available as an advanced enhancement to any Signature Facial and is also available as its own full length Beauty Ritual facial. It is an amazing practice that I'm learning more and more about every time I use it. I'll talk a little more about why that is at the end, but first, a little background:

What is Facial Reflexology?

I am certified in Dien Chan Facial Reflexology using Multireflex tools. The practice was adapted from ancient Vietnamese modalities and later modernized in Italy. Similar to reflexology for the foot, Dien Chan facial reflex uses the same principles to balance the body using zones and pressure points on the face. There are hundreds of points throughout the face that connect your body's other zones and systems. The points can be worked to stimulate or soothe imbalance using light acupressure or massage with the multireflex tools.

What exactly does Facial Reflexology do?

Facial reflexology has a multitude of applications from contouring the jawline to alleviating aches and pains elsewhere in the body. Specifically, I use the Chan’Beauté Facial Massage protocol, which entails both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. The tools can be used to treat all manner of skin conditions. Reflexology addresses not only the underlying causes within the body (stress, hormone imbalances, poor digestion, etc.) but also can be used to treat surface issues like fine lines, scarring and puffiness.

Photo by Corinna Lander

What is Facial Reflexology recommended for?

I think the more appropriate question, is what isn't facial reflexology good for?

I like to think of facial reflexology as being like a little workout for the skin. The tools incorporate different energy principles based on the concepts of yin and yang. Yang tools stimulate blood flow and break up stagnation. Whereas Yin tools soothe inflammation and calm irritation in the skin. Both are used in the Chan’Beauté massage, to work the skin out and then cool it back down. The result is glowing skin that appears tighter and more contoured ,as well as a more balanced complexion.

Beyond the facial massage portion, reflexology protocols can also be customized and tailored to suit all sorts of needs. Skin detox, stress reduction and soothing the mind are popular choices.

Other times, specific wrinkles can be linked to stress in the body. Did you know that crow's feet can be an indication of pain and/or overuse of the hands and wrists? Or that those pesky lines between the brows could be related to carrying too much tension in your neck and shoulders? Applying the face mapping principles of Dien Chan, I can learn a lot about what is going on in a client's body just by "reading" the lines of their face. I can then use specific tools to work the tension out of age lines and scar tissue.

All this to say, if you want a holistic approach or just to try something different for your skin, facial reflexology is a great non-invasive enhancement to almost any treatment. While it can take multiple treatments to see lasting change, immediate benefits are also produced in the form of better sleep, lowered stress and tension and healthier looking skin. I would encourage just about anyone to try facial reflexology in a treatments sometime. I'm personally a believer and a huge fan. I use facial reflex protocols on myself at home often and receive occasional treatments from peers. I can personally attest to benefits such as reduced pain, inflammation and stress.

What are the tools about and do they hurt?

As you may have guessed, the tools are one of my favorite parts of facial reflexology and they don't hurt a bit. In fact they feel very relaxing. Let me tell you about five of my favorites:

No. 101: Smooth Sphere + Detector

My go-to for working specific facial points. Unlike acupuncture there are no needles involved in reflexology. The detector tool simply helps determine areas or zones of the body that may be out of balance based on sensitivity and density in the tissue. The soft ball end is used to massage the face in a detox ritual protocol that encourages lymphatic drainage.

No. 207: Yang Concave Roller + Yin Brass Roller

My most favorite tool for countouring. A few passes massaging the jawline with this tool is all it takes to naturally de-puff and sculpt the natural bone structure. The gold ball end can then be used to sooth dry or puffy skin, particularly around the eyes as part of a divine eye treatment.

No. 219 Yin Rake + Brass Roller

This tool is wonderful for fine lines and acne scarring. I use the small rake to gently comb through tense or dense areas. Over time, releasing stagnation in these areas can help increase cellular turnover and help heal old scarring. Working in areas plagued by fine lines has a similar effect of breaking up stagnation and allowing tense muscles to relax. The brass end similarly can be used to soothe inflammation after creating release. Clients often leave looking more refreshed and rejuvenated following a session of facial reflexology.

No. 252 - Small Brush + Yin Brass Roller

A must for dark circles and deep wrinkles. This tool works on forehead lines by stimulating and hydrating. The brass roller portion works well to hydrate thin, delicate skin and feels amazing when a little light pressure is applied to work the forehead area.

No. 376 Beauty Brushes

These pronged pad-shaped brushes only look intimidating. They actually feel amazing to gently exfoliate and detoxify the skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage. I use them to perform and incredibly relaxing reflex massage for the next and face.

So which workout does your skin need? You'll just have to schedule your first facial reflexology session to come experience it for yourself! Still not convinced? Feel free to get in touch with more questions or ask for a little preview during your next facial. I love showing off my tools and demonstrating what a wonderful modality reflexology can be, so I am more than happy to oblige.

Until next time!

<3 Jenny

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