Summer Seasonal Beauty Ritual

Hello! Welcome Summer and welcome to a new offering here on the i {heart} skin blog!

For some time, it has been my goal to create at-home rituals for my clients that mimic those in the treatment room, modified for everyday use. Performing these protocols at home not only enhances and prolongs the results of any my in-house treatments, but also allows clients to connect with their own self care ritual and bring the facial to their home.

I can let you in on a little secret, that I am working on a more expansive version of my skincare and self care rituals for the fall, but I love summer and felt inspired to go ahead and share a little summer routine to kick off the season!

Temperatures are rising steadily, so this inaugural ritual is a very simple night time routine all about cooling and soothing the skin after a hot day. I recommend this as a bedtime routine because it will not only give the skin the deep cleanse it needs before sleep, but also the light hydration and soothing necessary for overnight repair. I recommend performing this ritual at least a couple of times per week for optimal glow. Or just use it any time you've spent too much time in the heat.

Products you'll need:*

- A cream cleanser AND/OR

- A gentle gel cleanser

- Your favorite hydrating serum

- A hydrating toner or mist

- Your favorite lightweight hydrating moisturizer

*My product recommendations are listed at the end of this post but feel free to use whatever products you have on-hand that work for your skin!


1- 1-2 Cotton Rounds

1 - A clean soft towel or cloth


-An ice roller tool, a jade or gemstone roller tool, or even just a piece of ice

Image courtesy of Sorella Apothecary

The Summer Ritual:

Prep: As with any good ritual, I recommend setting the tone. If you have time, and can create a little quiet space for yourself, light a scented seasonal candle or maybe a little incense. If not, that's okay! This ritual is designed to be as quick and efficient as you need it to be. Or you can put on a playlist that reminds you of summer and take your time.

Before you begin, place your toner and your roller (if you're using one) in the refrigerator to chill while you cleanse.

Step One: The Double Cleanse

Although it isn't necessary to double cleanse every day, I like to do this two or three times a week. If you are using two cleansers start with your cream cleanser. Your first cleanse is to remove layers of makeup and sunscreen on the surface. If you are only using one cleanser, that's fine too. Still cleanse twice. Your second cleanse takes the place of exfoliation (which you want to avoid if the skin is overheated or sun damaged) while still ridding the skin of sweat, dirt, pollution and other impurities.

Step Two: Tone

Remove your products from the fridge. Using a gentle toner that is hydrating and maybe even alcohol-free, wet a cotton round with product and swipe all over the face. This removes any remaining traces of product and helps to rebalance the skin's pH before applying other products. If you feel like giving your skin mist as well, go for it. As long as your toner is hydrating and not exfoliating or astringent, (It should not sting!) spritz as much as you want throughout this ritual.

Step Three: Serum (+ Roll)

We always want to apply products thinnest to thickest, so after toning, go ahead and apply your favorite nourishing night time serum. For summer, it's best to cut back on the use of heavy-duty retinols and alpha-hydroxy acids which can make the skin more photosensitive. If you are using a vitamin C serum, that's wonderful but save it for AM use. After a long hot day, a hyaluronic acid serum or other reparative hydrating serum is just the ticket.

Bonus: If you have a roller tool this is when you want to use it to roll the serum into the skin. If you chilled your roller in the fridge, the extra cool factor will help to calm inflammation. Give extra attention anywhere you feel it's needed - around the eyes and along the forehead and brows to soothe headaches or tension. Or along the hinge of the jaw for clenching. Any blemishes or irritated patches. Also be sure to give a little love to your neck, rolling downward for detoxification.

If you don't own a roller, no problem! You can replicate this with a piece of ice. Roll until the ice gets too melted for your liking and then move on. Or just get more ice. Cold rolling helps tighten the pores and locks in the benefits of your serum.

Step Four: Apply Moisturizer

It is very important to apply a little moisture to seal in the benefits of the rest of your ritual. Choose something non-comedogenic and as lightweight as you prefer. Only a light layer is necessary, and it may even feel a bit heavy having just sealed up your pores with the cold rolling. Allow your skin to relax and absorb the product as you sleep like an overnight mask.

Step Five: Mist and Tap

Give your skin one last drink of water with a cool mist from your toner of choice. Generously spritz your whole face and décolletage, then use the pads of your fingers to gently tap the surface of your skin. Flutter your hands all over as if you are playing the piano. This is called "tapotement" in facial massage terms and it helps to stimulate blood flow for collagen production and repair without overheating the skin. It should feel a little like light summer rain fluttering down your face. I love doing this after I apply my toner, for a quick moment of zen.

Summer Products i {heart}:

These are my favorite product options for The Summer Ritual based on ingredients and the skin's needs this season. As always, feel free to substitute any products you love!

Cream Cleansers: Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser from Skin Script RX, Apricot Mango Cleansing Milk from Sorella Apothecary, Rose Foaming Cleanser from Intelligent Elixirs

Gel Cleansers: Green Tea Citrus Cleanser from Skin Script RX, Refining Gel Cleanser from Intelligent Elixirs

Toners: Cucumber Hydrating Toner from Skin Script RX, Watermelon Mint Mist from Sorella Apothecary, I also love rose water for a natural summer toner!

Serums: B-5 Hydrating Serum from Intelligent Elixirs, Daily Glow Serum from Native Nectar Botanicals, Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum from Sorella Apothecary

Moisturizers: Blueberry Milk Moisturizer from Sorella Apothecary, Antioxidant Moisturizer from Intelligent Elixirs, Cacteen Balancing Moisturizer from Skin Script RX

Tools: Rose Quartz or Opalite Roller from Native Nectar Botanicals, Mini Cold Roller from Glow Skincare LA.


So there you have it! This is a simple an easy ritual that you can modify to fit your self care needs. I also encourage you to get creative with your own innovations. Maybe you want to throw a sheet mask into the fridge and into the mix? Or perhaps you want to go old school with some cool cucumbers over the eyes. My own personal hack? I've been adding a eye gel mask into my nighttime routine which helps with eye fatigue and puffiness.

There's no wrong way to self care. Just remember that as with most things in summer, this is a time to let your skin slow down and rejuvenate. No need to stress it with aggressive products. You can get serious and hunker down with your skin in the fall, but for now keep your skincare like a summer fling. Brief and breezy ;) Until next time! <3 Jenny Got a question? Email me: jenny @

About the blog:

This is a blog about everyday skin health. As an esthetician I strive to provide comprehensive skin care advice and knowledge to anyone who wants to know more.

Read on and please don't hesitate to reach out! I love educating people about their skin and am always happy to respond to questions.

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