Seasonal Skin Care - Tips & Tricks for Fall

Hello, friends! I stepped outside today and felt a little crispness in the air. It reminded me that my favorite season is nearly upon us and although it's not officially fall yet, I'm a fan of being prepared. I started thinking about my favorite skin care tips for the season and got inspired to share some of my favorites with you!

This September I'll be releasing another seasonal glow ritual for you. But for now, in no particular order, my top tips and tricks for your skin this Autumn:

Get serious about exfoliation

Ideally, we should be exfoliating year-round, but I like autumn for doing a bit more aggressive exfoliation. It’s the perfect time of year because we have less sun exposure to contend with. It also comes before the harsh winter months when skin can become too dry or compromised. In the treatment room I like stronger enzyme peels and even chemical peels to exfoliate away the weathered layers of summer. At home, you can use an enzyme mask or an exfoliating toner with alpha-hydroxy acids to accomplish a similar result. Just be sure to wear your SPF as exfoliation will make the skin more sun sensitive.

Up the moisture levels

As a general rule, you don’t need to swap out your entire skin care routine according to season. All that’s really necessary is to up the ante a little on your moisture factor. Most skin care lines produce multiple options for hydrators, so you can easily swap out your lightweight summer cream for one that’s just a bit thicker and more moisturizing. You can also make simple swaps like trading your gel cleanser for a creamy cleanser or add a serum with hyaluronic acid to lock in extra hydration. This will help protect your skin against water loss as the barometer drops and keep it looking dewy even in the cold, dry months.

Layer your products like fall clothes

Autumn is the season we all love to layer. Leggings. Scarves. Sweaters. Boots. Etc. But did you know you can layer your skin care too? As the air get cooler and drier, it can be beneficial to layer a serum or two with your other products. Apply yor favorite vitamin C serum first thing in the AM and then layer on a hydrating serum and moisturizer to seal it all together. At night, try a retinol serum for exfoliation, followed by a richly hydrating night cream. The combinations are endless. Not sure what order to apply? Just like clothes, you want to put on the light layers first (toner, liquid serum) followed by heavier layers (cream, moisturizer, facial oils).

Image courtesy of Sorella Apothecary

Masks aren't just for Halloween

Fall is a great time to add an extra step to your routine in the form of a mask. Masking isn’t something that needs to be done every day, but incorporating a mask treatment once a week or even once per month is one easy way to take your skin care to the next level. This time of year, I prefer a creamy mask for deep hydration and repair or a fruit mask with alpha-hydroxy acids that is gently exfoliating and infused with good nutrition for the skin. Two of my favorites for fall are the Papaya & Pumpkin Mask from Sorella Apothecary, as well as their newly released Rehab Recovery mask which has shea butter and meadowfoam oil to bolster dry skin.

Savor the Season (and your skin care)

After the rush of busy summer and before the craziness of the holiday season begins, this is the perfect time to recommit to your routines. The season of autumn is one of my favorite times of the year for self care because it pairs well with slower and more intentional moments. Whether it’s in the morning with your favorite fall coffee drink, or in the evening with a bath and a scented candle, pairing your skin care with a little seasonal ritual will make it feel that much more special. When we create these little moments for ourselves, however small, it gives us something to look forward to and helps us become more consistent with the routine.


Got an autumn skin care or self care tip? I'd love to hear about it! Send an email to: jenny @ and be sure to stay tuned for the Autumn Glow at-home ritual, coming very soon! Until next time! <3 Jenny

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