Autumn Seasonal Beauty Ritual

Greetings and happy Autumn! You might be thinking it's still too warm and summery out to think about fall. But with Labor Day behind us and a certain fall latte now at a coffee shop near you, I'd say we're getting very close! And perhaps, if you love the fall season as much as I do, you might be more than ready for it to be here.

Enter: The Autumn Seasonal Beauty Ritual

Image by @gagewoodphoto courtesy of Sorella Apothecary

We've already talked about my favorite tips for fall skincare, but it's time to get more specific with another seasonal at-home ritual. This one is all about creating your optimal Autumn glow! I recommend doing this mini facial ritual as often as once per week, but even once or twice per month will give your skin a serious boost and keep it looking radiant for the season.

For the past couple of years, I've personally started enjoying fall as early as I feel like it. Regardless of the date on the calendar or the temperature in the air. Autumn in Colorado is very short and if you blink you might miss it. So rather than wait for the weather to tell me it's fall, I just decide when it's fall in my mind and act accordingly. I break out my scarves and boots as early as I want. I enjoy my favorite fall music and candles in moody scents. There may or may not be pumpkin spice involved. Mmmm. Pumpkin spice...

So anyway! This protocol was created with a similar premise. You can start incorporating the autumn ritual into your self care any time you want and in no time, you'll be feeling all the sweater weather vibes.

Products You'll Need:*

* Gentle Gel Cleanser

* Brightening Toner * Anti-Aging Serum * Antioxidant Mask * Moisturizer

*My product recommendations are listed at the end of this post but feel free to use whatever products you have on-hand that work for your skin!


* 1-2 Cotton Rounds

* 1-2 clean soft towels or wash cloths


* Your favorite nourishing facial oil

* Fan brush for mask application

Image by @gagewoodphoto courtesy of Sorella Apothecary

The Autumn Ritual:

Prep: For the sake of a quality self-care time, I like to do this protocol at night and even pair it with a bath. If you've got a spare evening, there's nothing wrong with devoting a night to some skin care and relaxation. You could put on your favorite fall pajamas,

brew some tea and pick out a good book to read while your mask is on. However, if you are short on time you can just as easily do this ritual in about 10 minutes or less, any time of day as your schedule permits.

Before you begin, you may want to prepare a hot towel for cleansing to make this ritual feel extra luxurious. This is an easy trick to replicate the spa experience at home. You can heat your towel in a bowl of hot kettle water or get the towel wet, wring it out and warm it up in the microwave for about 20-60 seconds. You can also use a small rice cooker, as shown in this video.

Step One: The Cleanse

It goes without saying that we want to apply the rest of our products to clean skin for optimal absorption. However, we don't want to do a deep cleanse in this case. Our other products will provide exfoliation, so this basic cleanse is really just to remove makeup, dirt, pollution and impurities. Try to spend at least a couple of minutes massaging your face with very LIGHT pressure as you cleanse. This helps to warm up the skin and jumpstart lymphatic drainage for detoxification.

Step Two: Tone/Exfoliate

The toning step in this ritual is one of the most important because it's also our exfoliation. Using an exfoliating toner is a great way to combine two steps in one. Using alpha-hydroxy acids and other natural brighteners will keep the skin clear of excess dirt and debris and encourage cell turnover, giving the skin a more youthful glow.

Although this might all sound great, you should use a product like this no more than every other day. Even less if you are using other exfoliating products regularly in your routine. Exfoliating too often will quickly damage, sensitize and age the skin. You'll also want to be extra diligent about sun protection when exfoliating regularly.

For this ritual, I am loving the Spiced Wine Toner from Sorella Apothecary, which smells like all things fall and instantly transports me. I use it most mornings because it wakes my skin up with nourishing and brightening ingredients. If fall spice isn't your thing, you can use any toner you love. My favorite gentle, yet brightening ingredients to look for include: azelaic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid and vitamin C. After cleansing, spritz your chose toner generously on a cotton round and swipe it around your entire face.

Step Three: Mask Time!

Masks are a wonderful treat for the skin and what better time than fall to indulge in things that feel luxurious? The most obvious choice for a mask this season would be a pumpkin-based one. Although, it may feel a bit of an obvious choice, pumpkin is amazing for skin glow because it is packed with its own natural AHAs and antioxidants. It provides a little more gentle exfoliation, while also helping to repair skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

My recommendation, if you're craving a little festive fall touch, is the Papaya & Pumpkin Mask from Sorella. I'm loving this mask because it manages to provide just the right hint of real pumpkin as opposed to pumpkin spice. It's infused with fruit extracts and honey which is another favorite ingredient of mine for fall. Honey is anti-bacterial, hydrating and restorative - perfect for the coming drier months. If you still prefer a pumpkin-free option, you can look for another fruit mask to provide similar benefits. Papaya and pineapple are two great ingredients and are commonly found in many masks.

I like to apply my mask with a brush to make it feel indulgent. After applying your mask, let it sit no longer than indicated by the directions. You can also prepare another hot towel for when it's time to remove the mask.

Step Four: Treat With Serum

After thoroughly removing all traces of mask, your skin will be well prepped for finishing products. This is when it's best to apply concentrated serums for maximum benefit, so select your favorite antioxidant or anti-aging serum and pat it onto the skin. Be sure to include your neck and even your hands, if you have excess product.

Step Five: Moisturize

Your last step is very important as it will help lock in the benefits the rest of the ritual. End your protocol with a layer of your favorite nutrient-rich moisturizer. When doing the ritual at night, I like to apply a generous amount of cream so that it can really absorb and keep my skin hydrated overnight.

Optional hack: Get more mileage (and more glow) out of your moisturizer by adding a drop or two of your favorite facial oil to the mix. You can layer the oil over your cream or just blend the two together. Adding a little oil to my nightly routine is a recent discovery, but now I can't live without this added youth-boost for my skin. I encourage all my clients to try it and check out this blog for more specifics on facial oils.

Fall Products i {heart}:

These are my favorite product options for The Autumn Ritual based on ingredients and the skin's needs this season. As always, feel free to substitute any products you love!

Gentle Cleansers- Sorella Apothecary Orange You Jelly Cleanser, SkinScriptRX Green Tea Cleanser

Brightening Toners- Sorella Apothecary Spiced Wine Toner, SkinScriptRX Glycolic & Retinol Pads

Anti-Aging Serums- Sorella Pomegranate Acai Antioxidant Serum, ie 15% Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum

Antioxidant Masks- Sorella Papaya & Pumpkin Mask, Native Nectar Botanicals Pearl Pineapple & Papaya Mask

Moisturizers- Sorella Apothecary Daily Greens Moisturizer, SkinScriptRX Acai Berry Moisturizer


While this concludes your Seasonal Beauty Ritual, the season itself is just getting started. (That is if you want it to, of course.) The days may be getting shorter, but I hope this festive at-home treatment brings you a little autumn joy and keeps you glowing well into the holiday season. Stay tuned for the Winter Ritual coming in December and be sure to let me know how Autumn goes. I love hearing your feedback!

Until next time!

<3 Jenny

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