Facial Gadgets for Your Holiday Wishlist

Happy Holidays! For some time, I have been on the hunt for easy and effective devices that my clients can use at home to better support what we do in the treatment room, as well prolong their results between facials.

Today, let's talk about five trending skincare gadgets and what they are great for. Just in time to forward this blog post to that special someone in your life, or just anyone who might need a little hint for the holidays.

Five Gadgets You'll Want On Your Wishlist this Year:

Sonic Smooth Sonic Dermaplaning System ($99, iheartskindenver.com)

Of all the devices I struggled hardest to find, an at-home dermaplaning system was the holdout. I purchased and tested numerous options before finding one that fit the bill. I found most of them were either overpriced for what they provided or just didn't do a good job of exfoliating.

The Sonic Smooth, however, passed my test. This simple device uses vibrating sonic technology to remove dead surface skin and unwanted facial hair. The blades are effective for hair removal but also safe and gentle enough for most skin types. The manufacturer recommends using this device as often as weekly for maintenance but I believe using the device even once per month would be sufficient, especially if you are using any other exfoliation in your routine.

I have been using this device consistently for a few months (once per month) and feel it does a great job of keeping my skin soft and smooth without overexfoliating or irritating it. Hooray! At last!

LightStim for Wrinkles ($249, email to order)

The LightStim Red Light device was my first gadget love and remains a staple in my at-home routine. LED Red Light therapy is FDA approved to treat signs of aging. Red light helps temporarily plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. However, if used over time, it creates a cumulative effect by stimulating collagen production and cellular turnover. (See this blog for more on LED light therapy and why I love it so much.)

The handheld device can be used while you watch TV or just relax. You will want to use it as often as daily for the first 30 days and then can reduce your usage if desired for maintenance. Ideally, I like to use mine 2-3x per week for about 30 minutes, but notice an immediate glow after even one session. I have even been known to lend one of these devices out to my bridal clients before the big day to ensure they keep their glow in top-form.

LightStim for Acne ($169, email to order)

For clients who struggle with acne and particularly cystic acne, I love the LightStim acne device which utilizes blue light therapy and even a little bit of red light. This version of handheld LED specifically targets acne bacteria and blemishes, reducing both and preventing future breakouts.

LED light therapy is also amazing for reducing inflammation, so the device helps with calming redness and irritation caused by breakouts. My clients who have purchased this device have reported drastic reduction in breakouts and less painful cystic acne.

The blue light can be used over the entire face or just for spot treatment as needed. The device even produces timed beeps to remind you when to move on to the next spot. Bonus: with just a little bit of red light in the mix, you'll also get some of the anti-aging benefits of that wavelength.

The Fix by NuFace ($149, email to order)

The latest in at-home microcurrent technology, This budget-friendly mini device is designed to treat fine lines in small areas - the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. In other words, this little wrinkle-eraser targets some of your most common areas of concern.

A gentle microcurrent works to stimulate blood flow to the skin, which helps plump out fine lines temporarily. Meanwhile, if used consistently over time, the microcurrent will also help to boost collagen production. This leads to cumulative benefits and more permanent results over time.

I am in love with this device, because it is super intuitive and could not be easier to use! It features a three-minute timer and the tool will then turn off after each 3-minute cycle. I simply apply the included peptide serum (which also fights fine lines!), spend about three minutes in each zone and then I'm done! I love this option for clients who aren't ready to invest in a larger micro current device, or just want an easy way to spot treat wrinkles in addition to toning and lifting with a move advanced device.

NuFace Trinity PRO ($325, email to order)

Last but not least, we have the queen bee of the at-home devices. The NuFace Trinity PRO is microcurrent technology for lifting and toning the entire face. That said, I have been a NuFace PRO devotee for most of this year and have noticed additional benefits in terms of my skins hydration levels, more even skin tone, glow and an overall more youthful appearance. (See this blog to learn about how microcurrent works and why I love it.)

The Trinity is a full facial workout and your most advanced option for non-invasively lifting the entire face. This device targets sagging neck skin, tightens the jowls/jawline and gives the skin an overall more contoured appearance. Because the microcurrent also helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, many of my clients notice an immediate reduction in puffiness in the face which can then make the face appear thinner.

The version of the PRO that I retail is esthetician-strength and has 16% more microamps than the same device sold in stores at the same price. I like this device as preventative maintenance for clients of all ages who are serious about their skin care investments. It is a great holistic alternative to more aggressive procedures.


So there you have it! My picks for Holiday 2019 and beyond. That said, if you still have questions, or aren't sure what device is right for you feel free to reach out. I'm always here for tool talk! (In case you hadn't gathered.) Hit me up at jenny @ iheartskidenver.com

Until next time!

<3 Jenny

About the blog:

This is a blog about everyday skin health. As an esthetician I strive to provide comprehensive skin care advice and knowledge to anyone who wants to know more.

Read on and please don't hesitate to reach out! I love educating people about their skin and am always happy to respond to questions.

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