The Winter Seasonal Beauty Ritual

Seasons Greetings! As hesitant as I am to say farewell to autumn this year, that little chill in the air is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The good news, is that with a new season, comes a new Seasonal Beauty Ritual!

Image by @gagewoodphoto courtesy of Sorella Apothecary

Although I'm not the biggest fan of cold weather, I am a fan of using this time of year to really treat my face. Our skin needs extra pampering in order to best protect it from the elements, and to help repair it after exposure. The Winter Seasonal Beauty Ritual is designed to support just that. This is a is deeply nourishing three-layer facial for the skin, to be performed at night.

If you're short on time, this ritual can still be performed quickly and easily with minimal products. But as I always like to encourage, feel free to really luxuriate and take your time with it. I recommend doing the winter ritual about 2-3 times per week, but even a couple of times throughout the winter season will be beneficial for keeping your skin nourished and glowing. You will love how smooth and supple your skin will feel the next morning, as a result of all the layers being absorbed overnight!

Products You'll Need:*

* Gentle Gel Cleanser

* Retinol or Vitamin A Serum

* Nourishing Cream or Leave-On Mask

* Facial Oil

* Hydrating Lip Balm

*My product recommendations are listed at the end of this post but feel free to use whatever products you have on-hand that work for your skin!


* Warm Towel(s)

* Fan Brush for Product Application

Image courtesy of intelligent elixirs

The Winter Ritual

Prep: As always, I recommend that you set the tone for your self-care. That is, if you've got the time. (And it's totally okay if you don't!) Since this ritual involves the option of a leave-on mask, one of my favorite things to do is bust out the fuzzy robe and slippers, watch a holiday movie and sip some peppermint tea or hot chocolate while the mask does its work. You could also put on that TV fireplace on Netflix and curl up with a good book. You get the idea.

Step One: The Cleanse

In order to properly ready the skin for all the products you'll be layering, a good cleanse is a must. I recommend sticking with a very gentle gel cleanser, as we're going to be utilizing a lot of other hydration and actives.

If you're skin isn't feeling too sensitive or dry to begin with, a double cleanse would also be appropriate. Especially, if you have combination or oily skin and are acne prone. Whether you cleanse once or twice, we just want the skin thoroughly clean and dry. If you prepped a hot towel, go ahead and use that to remove that last of your cleanser after rinsing.

Step Two: Layer Vitamin A Treatment

This is the exfoliating step in your at-home facial. But rather than scrubbing anything off, you'll be layering your exfoliation on, in the form of an overnight serum. Vitamin A comes in many forms. You're probably most familiar with retinol or retinoids, but for those who can't do a full-strength retinol, there are many naturally-derived alternatives that utilize vitamin A and are less aggressive. (I'll list lots of options at the end of this post!)

I advise starting out with a retinol or retinol-alternative just a few days per week and then working your way up. If you start to notice irritation, redness or sensitivity in your skin as result, it's best to back off for a day or two and not overdo it. You will also want to use a good SPF during the daytime, as these types of products can make the skin more sun sensitive. (See this post for a more in-depth look at retinol products and alternatives.)

Step Three: Layer a Moisture Cream or Leave-On Mask

After letting your serum properly absorb into the skin, you're ready to apply the next layer of your facial. Ideally, a leave-on mask is the ultimate treat for your face after exfoliating. However, any rich moisture cream will also work just as well here. Because we're not going to be rinsing it off, you'll want to apply an even layer using either your hands or a mask brush. Allow this layer ample time to absorb. If you're doing a mask you may even want to wait until bedtime to do the next step.

Step Four: Layer Nourishing Facial Oil

If you thought a leave-on mask was luxurious, wait until you experience the magic of your third layer! I love facial oils for really softening the skin and giving it the hydration boost it needs to perform. Even oily skin types and acne prone folks can benefit from using an oil to help balance the skin's natural oil production.

That said, if all this layering of products gives you pause, you can also try blending just a couple of drops of oil into your mask or moisturizer to ease your way into this whole facial oils thing. Also check out this post to learn more about why I love facial oils and my recommendations for incorporating them.

Step Five: Give Your Lips a Little Love

This time of year, it's not uncommon to be battling dry, cracked and/or chapped lips. A great way to stay on top of that is to apply a good layer of lip balm or oil to help repair the lips overnight as well. The lips don't produce moisture on their own, so it's extra important to give them some TLC once, if not multiple times per day during the drier seasons.

Products i {heart} for Winter:

These are my favorite product options for The Winter Ritual based on ingredients and the skin's needs this season. As always, feel free to substitute as you wish.

Gentle Gel Cleanser: Sorella Apothecary Orange You Jelly Cleanser, SkinScript RX Green Tea & Citrus Cleanser, Intelligent Elixirs Refining Gel Cleanser

Retinol & Vitamin A Serum Options - Sorella Apothecary All-Night Elixir (Retinol), SkinScript RX Iconic A (Retinol), Sorella Apothecary Facial In A Bottle (Vitamin A) Intelligent Elixirs Botanical A Serum (Vitamin A), SkinScript Beta-Carotene & Papain Renewal Serum (Vitamin A)

Nourishing Cream or Leave-On Mask - Sorella Apothecary Rehab & Recovery (Leave-On Mask) Intelligent Elixirs Ultra Restorative Moisturizer (Cream)

Facial Oil - Sorella Apothecary Facial Nectar, Intelligent Elixirs Pure Sqaualane Oil, Native Nectar Botanicals Daily Glow

Hydrating Lip Product - Sorella Apothecary Avocado Lip Oil


That's a wrap on this season's beauty ritual, but I can't wait to hear from you once you try it out! My wish for your this winter season is that you stay healthy, happy and warm. Don't forget to show your face some love this season and stay tuned for a rejuvenating beauty ritual in Spring of 2020!

<3 Jenny

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